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 PODCAST LINK – listen to

Podcast interview with Katie Murphy

Katie Murphy gave a 1 hour interview about Colonics on the Naseema Omer podcast show.

To hear this podcast, follow this link:  Katie’s Colonic Podcast

PODCAST LINK – listen to
“Cranial Sacral Therapy” by Katie Murphy

Podcast interview with Katie Murphy

Katie Murphy gave a 1 hour interview about Cranial-Sacral Therapy on the Naseema Omer podcast show.

To hear this podcast, follow this link:  Katie’s Cranial-Sacral Podcast


Best Price in Town for Colon Hydrotherapy!

  • Sessions are scheduled for 45 minutes. We do not stop the session during a release but continue until it is appropriate to stop.
  • We offer everyday low prices and package discounts.
  • Check this Website or our Facebook Page for Specials: Facebook.com/hitcmn

Colonic Special Price Feel Better with Simple Solutions

  • $83.95 Colonic  – Anyone, Any Time  
  • $74.95 Colonic  – Keep Clean Members     

NEW Money Saving Packages!

  • 5 sessions for 375.00 
  • 2 sessions for 159.00

*some restrictions apply

FREE Use of “Hothouse” and ERE

  • The Hothouse is a trademark name for a device that like a sauna warms the body using far infrared rays. We have the Hothouse sitting on a tray-like stand that rolls up over your belly while you sit in a chair.
  • The ERE or Electro Reflex Energizer is a device that emits low level electrical vibrations on the bottom of your feet for stimulating detoxing and relaxation similar to a reflexology foot massage.

Clients are welcome to use free of charge these devices before or after their appointment.  Their use is subject to availability, of course.

Open 7 Days a Week

  • Weekday appointments between 8am-8pm.
  • Weekend appointments between 8am-5pm.
  • Appointment availability may vary.

Free Consultations

  • Clients may request free consultation with Katie Murphy.
  • Therapists consult with Katie Murphy regarding client progress.
  • Client consultations, however, are not required in order for clients to make appointments.

Comfortable and Discrete Healing Insights Colon Hydrotherapy and Natura Health Therapy

  • Our Colon Hydrotherapy service is professional.
  • Private Restrooms for Colonic therapy rooms in all our clinics.
  • Therapy and private restroom areas are completely separated from reception area for your privacy.
  • Our clinics are decorated in warm inviting colors and art intended to relax and calm.
  • Clients may choose to listen to music.
  • We offer essential oils to assist with the release and/or calm the nerves.

Katie Murphy Therapist Supervisor

Clients of Healing Insights know they have the benefit of Katie Murphy’s expertise as Clinic Director Supervising Healing Insights’ Colonic Therapists. Katie Murphy has been at the forefront of Colon Hydrotherapy in Minnesota.

We Set the Standard for Hygiene

  • Toilets and restrooms are sterilized after each client.
  • Therapy tables, area, and equipment are sterilized after each client.
  • Air purifiers are used to keep clinic hygienic and fresh smelling.
  • Professional janitorial services clean our clinic suites.
  • Therapists use exam gloves when handling any colonic equipment.
  • Disposable tubing is used for each Colonic.

Our Therapists Operate the Colonic Device

  • There are some colonic places that have you operate the colonic device.  You are paying for a professional colonic and should expect the therapist to perform the colonic not yourself.
  • Therapists gain their experience by performing colonics learning how people react to the process and viewing the matter expelled from the colon.  With their expertise they are better able to discuss your concerns and provide valuable information for your health journey.

We Use “Closed System” Colonic Equipment

  • We use disposable single use speculum inserts and tubing.
  • The colonic device is FDA approved.
  • A “closed system” colonic means the inserted tubing goes from you to the equipment without exposure to air or environment so that you may have “no odor, no fuss, no mess” and a more comfortable and successful colonic with the water flow doing most of the work.  The closed system equipment has a pressure guage to help monitor the client’s reaction to the water flow. This information is used by the therapist to adjust the water flow for greater colonic success and client comfort.  This equipment has self-regulated water pressure and temperature maximum levels and self-sterilization cleaning process.  This system is Therapist operated and offers more assistance and expertise for the client.
  • Some other businesses offer colonics using the “open system” colonic equipment. The colonic experience is similar to an enema in that all matter is flushed into a toilet like receptacle. This equipment often does not completely hydrate the entire colon and requires the client to “push” out a release feeling more cramping. There may be odor and the toilet-like opening must be cleaned by hand.  The client is allowed to operate the equipment without a therapist and remain alone in the room.

Client Confidentiality

Healing Insights, as an employer, requires Colonic Therapists and all employees to sign client confidentiality contracts.

Katie Murphy Expertise and Background

Katie Murphy is an expert in Colon HydrotherapyKatie Murphy is the area’s leading expert on Colonics partly because …

1) Katie has a unique resource of information from her combined knowledge of the body through detoxing and the specialized Craniosacral Therapy technique she performs and teaches, and;

2) Katie, as a naturopath over several decades, conversed with thousands of people reviewing their health concerns and supporting them through their health changes.  Minnesota’s Leading Colonic Consultant.   Katie welcomes Colonic Therapists from other business to call presenting their questions and consult with her.  Katie converses with Medical Doctors, Chiropractor Doctors, Naturopaths, and a variety of other health care professionals regarding the Colonic process and detox benefits.

3) Teaching Colonic Therapists for over 20 years.  Katie Murphy provides Minnesota’s only fully comprehensive educational classes for Colonic Therapist instruction.

4) Instruction Material Used by Other Colonic Businesses.

5) Katie wrote instructional material which is now widely used by other colonic businesses as promotion material on their websites and educational material given to their clients. She is recognized as a Colon Hydrotherapy expert.

6) Katie was the first to write and teach so that therapists and clients alike can better understand the benefits of the Colonic process and the reactions of the body during detox.

7) Media Presentations of Colonics and the use of Colon Hydrotherapy.  Television, Radio, Internet Videos, Health Expo Workshops and College Campus Lectures include cable televised interviews, University of MN lectures, FM 107.1 and KFAI 90.3 talk show interviews.

8) Healing Insights has sponsored dozens of workshops over the years for their clients and open to the public. 2Published Articles.  Katie’s articles have been published in Newspapers, Magazines and Internet Media.

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