Why was this business created?

Healing Insights was created to provide an inspired, comfortable, pleasant, professional environment for therapists and clients to learn, practice and receive a variety of natural healthcare therapies. We believe in supporting our community by providing free educational opportunities, free consultations, and sponsoring organizations committed to protecting and enhancing natural healthcare choices.

Something about our business that is unique, that others don’t offer?

Clarity Integration is a unique form of an ancient healing art. Spirit, mind, body spontaneously unite to move and integrate transitions and clarity into the present. Realizations experienced are enhanced energy flow and redirection, clarity in conscious knowledge that provides opportunity for new direction and choices in life, and physically the release of dysfunction and pain. At this time Healing Insights provides private sessions for Clarity Integration and our future plans include teaching this practice.

Who are our clients?

Our clients have a very diverse background and interests. Men constitute about 45%, women 55% of our clientele. Although most of our clients are adults, we work with all ages including children and teens. Unknown to most, over 40% of our Colonic clients have never experienced any other holistic therapy and consider Colonics to be very mainstream and surprised they are not offered in medical clinics. We have the privilege of introducing many people to the wonder of information and choices natural healthcare offers.

What do people experience at our business?

Most people remark how immediately comfortable they feel upon entering our space and how easy it is to talk with our staff members. Quiet contemplation, interesting educational conversations, sharing personal experiences, laughing and smiling are all healing tonics here.


What is our business and client relationship perspective?

We as individuals and Healing Insights as a structured entity, honor the responsibility of choosing to Be, to Live Truth. Knowing thoughts, words and physical actions all create a manifestation affecting all life, we discern our intentions and choose creating from the life-giving love that we are. We look forward to meeting you!


For more information or appointments please call our office. 

Bloomington: 952-886-HEAL(4325)



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