Katie Murphy is the Clinic Director and inspiration behind Healing Insights Therapy Center Inc.  Healing Insights specializes in Colonics, Clarity Integration and Cranio Sacral Therapy and also manages a health care facility from  which a group of like minded professionals provide a variety of therapies.

Prior to her current work, Katie Murphy received her education at the University of Minnesota, specializing in computers. Twenty-five years ago, Katie was inspired to learn about healthy food choices and the body’s own ability to heal itself through regeneration.

Later during a surgical birth delivery of her son, she became very ill and had to regain her health. Her personal healing process included nutritional balancing through foods and supplementation, homeopathics, the use of herbs, chiropractic, therapeutic massage, Cranio sacral manipulation, emotional release, spiritual realizations, colon hydrotherapy and whole body detoxification. She now shares what she has learned and helps others to have a more vibrant, healthy and fulfilling life.

Katie is experienced with the techniques of colonics, colemas, and enemas and knows the effects of and conditions under which coffee, garlic, oxygen and other additives might be used. She is familiar with aromatherapy, massage, pressure point techniques, fasting, and herb formulas commonly used to detox and cleanse the colon and other organs, along with the different types of laxatives, their uses and common misuses. Colon Therapists at Healing Insights are experienced with Katie’s protocols and are dedicated to helping others realize their health potential.

Katie’s presentations and workshops include topics covering Colon Hygiene; the Body’s Digestive Function; Healthy Food Choices; Understanding the Relationship Between Emotions and Health; Mental / Emotional / Spiritual / Physical Balancing – How to identify and change what governs your life; and training for certification. She has published articles in community newspapers, appeared as a guest on various health programs aired on TV and radio. She has been a continued guest lecturer for many groups and organizations including colleges and universities. Her work occasionally takes her to various cities throughout North America where she is engaged in private sessions and workshops. People find her to be informative, entertaining and inspirational with a heartfelt delivery.

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