Healing Insights sets the standards for professional Colonics in Minnesota!

  • Colonic equipment – state of the art professional devices.
  • Client comfort – comfortable and relaxing therapy rooms.
  • Hygiene – clinical standards for equipment and therapy.
  • Therapists – professional, experienced, confidential.
  • Information – knowledgeable therapists and literature.
  • Products – supportive products and equipment for purchase.
  • Free consultations – with Katie Murphy.

Example of a Colonic

Healing Insights Colonics Natural Health Therapy

During a Colonic you lay comfortably on
your back while covered in a gown. The
therapist remains with you while monitoring
the equipment (as shown on wall) ensuring
you have an effective and safe session.

Some people choose to relax and listen to music, many enjoy conversations with their therapist. Popular topics include how the digestive system works, the body’s detox process, food choices and preparation. Our therapists want to listen to your concerns and answer your questions.

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Appointments by phone call-in only.
Please know we are not able to constantly monitor the computer and make appointments via email.

Bloomington phone for appointments:       952-886-HEAL(4325)


Colonic – Colon Hydrotherapy –  Prices    

  • $89.95 Colonic  – One session
  • $78.95 Colonic – Keep Clean Member Discount*   

*Membership is automatic for Healing Insights clients if they complete 20 Colonic sessions within any 12 month period of time.  To maintain membership simply complete 10 Colonic sessions per year thereafter.  You may also purchase a membership, see package pricing below. 

NEW Money Saving Packages!

  • $399.95           5 Session Discount Package*
  • $169.95          2 Session Discount Package*

*5 and 2 Session Discount Packages do have some restrictions
including sessions must be completed within 60 days.

  • $1,579.00 20 Sessions & Keep Clean Membership

Additive Options to Colon Hydrotherapy Session:

  • $5.00 – Bring your product. Liquid solutions you provide are added to the Colonic water.
  • $9.95 – Garlic and/or Aloe Vera. We supply the Garlic and AloeVera liquid product and add them to the Colonic water.

FREE Use of “Hothouse” and Chi Machine.

Clients are welcome to use free of charge these devices before or after their appointment for Colon Hydrotherapy or any other therapy appointment.  Their use is subject to availability, of course.

  • The Hothouse (we call it the “Dome”) is a trademark name for a device that like a sauna warms the body using far infrared rays. We have the Hothouse sitting on a tray-like stand that rolls up over your belly while you sit in a chair or you may lie on a table doing the Chi Machine and have the Hothouse over your belly.
  • The Chi Machine oscillates back and forth with your legs (just above your ankles) in the stirrup.  Your whole body receives the gentle exercise which increase circulation and helps relax muscles.

Clients are welcome to use free of charge these devices before or after their appointment.  Their use is subject to availability, of course.



  • $135 1 Hour Session
  • $195 5 Hour Session


  • $135 1 Hour Session
  • $195 5 Hour Session


  • $94.95 One Session
  • $179    2 Session Discount Package*

*2 Session Discount Packages do have some restrictions
including sessions must be completed within 60 days.


Hours Available:

Bloomington clinic hours vary within the following time range:
Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm
Saturday: 8am-5pm
Sunday: 8am-5pm

Payment:        Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover accepted.

How Many Colonics?

Of course this depends upon your goals and general health. We generalize the following guidelines for you to review with your therapist. More colonics should be considered for severe or chronic conditions. Please remember these are guidelines for optimal performance to accomplish desired goals quickly. Each colonic may be of great success for you and in time they all add up. No matter how far apart the colonics, each one can be successful and be one step closer to reaching your goals.

To completely cleanse the colon, the number of sessions required may vary from between 3 and 10.  Once you complete your first session your therapist may have a better idea of your situation. Of course, if there has been a history of incomplete elimination through bowel movements the number of sessions required will typically be 5 or more.

Colonic -vs- Enema

Colonics are much more successful and a lot less stressful than enemas! Colonics are a no odor, no mess, no fuss process because all the matter flows out through a tube. Therefore, they ensure your dignity, comfort, and hegiene.

An enema usually flushes out only the sigmoid or the end of the colon. A colonic is intended to gradually and completely clean out the entire organ from rectum to cecum. Colonic action can soften years of hardened fecal crust as well as remove gas.

With enemas the person experiences cramping and pushing to release the water and matter while sitting on the toilet. With a Colonic, unlike an enema, there is no uncomfortable retention of water or stressful effort to eliminate. The person is lying comfortably on a massage table on their back. The continuous water flow of the Colonic equipment gently carries the water and matter out of the body. Colonics are a much different process and much more effective.

Colonic Equipment

Healing Insights uses only FDA approved Type II Medical Devices for all our Colonics.

Colonics are a cleansing of the colon using constant flowing, purified water which then supports the gentle release of matterThey are much more comfortable and affective than laxatives, colon cleansing powders or pills. Enemas create stress as the person must push to release matter. Colonics are much more successful without the effort.

Did you know not all advertised Colonics use professional equipment? Some use inexpensive or home-made colonic devices that are “gravity fed” or “open water flow” systems that compromise comfort, success, and hygiene.

  • Professional equipment has a “pressure gauge” informing the therapist of any change to pressure inside the body. She is able to know and adjust the water pressure following into the body to; a) ensure your comfort, b) release more matter, and c) with less stress and effort for the client.
  • Professional Colonics use a “closed water flow” system, which means the water flows into and out of the body directly into the equipment plumbing through a disposable tubing. At no time does the water or the waste matter empty into an open receptacle and become exposed to the air compromising hygiene and exposure to bacteria. Therefore, no mess, no odor, no fuss.
  • Professional equipment has a back-flow prevention device built into it. This means that anything flowing out of the body, under any circumstances, will not flow back into the body. At Healing Insights, we have followed city health codes for medical devices and have installed a separate RPZ unit for each water line. The RPZ would stop any pressure change, even a fire truck using a fire hydrant, from affecting the colonic hygiene.
  • Also very important, professional equipment has a built in system for sterilizing and cleansing the equipment’s internal tubing and the plumbing itself. Again, ensuring the best possible hygiene for each client.
  • The Therapist has the knowledge and experience and is the person who should be operating the equipment. During the session, the therapist will talk about the body, how digestion works, explain the detoxing process and what you might expect. The Therapist answers your questions and provides information about your Colonic that you may learn more to better help yourself.

Have the Colonic experience you deserve.


For more information or appointments please call our office. 

Bloomington: 952-886-HEAL(4325)


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