Looking for expert help?

Want a Colonic program designed specifically for you?

  • Katie Murphy Expertise
  • Doctor Review
  • Written Program for You to Follow
  • Progress Report

Do your health goals include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Diet and Lifestyle Changes
  • Improving Bowel Movement
  • Liver, Lymphatic & Body Detoxing
  • Improving Mental Health and Focus
  • Relief of Symptoms Due to Medications

Katie Murphy and Dr. Way will review your health history and make recommendations for a program detailing what you can do to get the most benefit from your Colonic efforts. Although clinical studies have not been completed regarding Colonics for these purposes, our doctor has worked with patients and noted enhanced benefits from Colonic use.

We will also work with the doctor of your choice.
Only Healing Insights offers this service.

Katie Murphy and Dr. Way Write Your ‘Colonic Management Plan’

In the state of Minnesota colonics are available to everyone whenever they choose to have one. You do not need a doctor’s permission and you are not required to have a consultation or discuss your reasons for having a colonic.

However, over the years we realize many people prefer to have an expert’s assistance. People want a Colonic program detailing what to do to get the most benefit from their Colonic efforts. Katie Murphy has the expertise and knowledge to provide such a detailed Colonic program.

Katie Murphy has trained Colonic therapists for over 20 years.

  • Over 60,000 Colonics have been under her care.
  • She is the only expert in Minnesota who has written articles and lectured about Colonics and how they affect the body and digestion.
  • Her expertise as a Craniosacral therapist and instructor provides additional insight into a person’s health concern.

The ‘Colonic Management Plan’ includes:

  • Consultation with Katie Murphy reviewing your health history and goals.
  • Dr. Erika Way, our Healing Insights staff doctor, will review the Colonic Management Plan, add any additional suggestions, and approve your personalized program.
  • A written Colonic Management Plan, which you will receive, that details:
  • How many Colonics to have.
  • How far apart to schedule the Colonics.
  • Diet changes, supplements to take, and/or additional therapies to have in support of your Colonic goals.
  • A “Progress Review” time period is set.
  • With each Colonic, our therapists will provide information to assist Katie Murphy in monitoring your progress.
  • A “Progress Review” is assessed by Katie Murphy when you reach the marker noted on your “Plan”. Upon review, alterations or enhancements might be suggested.

Colonic Management Plan Fee: $55


For more information or appointments please call our office. 

Bloomington: 952-886-HEAL(4325)


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