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Most people are pleasantly surprised how comfortable having a Colonic can be. It is never what they expected.

Upon arriving for a first Colonic, everyone completes a Health History form providing information about their health and any related symptoms, eating and exercise habits, nutritional programs, and other therapies they are currently doing.

After a therapist greets the client, they are escorted to the therapy room and shown the private restroom for their convenience. A gown is provided for comfort and privacy. While lying on the massage-like table, a small disposable tube is inserted about 3-4 inches. During the Colonic you are completely gowned and lying comfortably on your back with your knees slightly bent and your feet on the table.

The therapist remains in the room with you and operates the Colonic equipment. You receive the benefit of their knowledge and experience.

For about forty-five minutes the water flows into and out of the colon through the disposable tubing carrying the waste matter through the Colonic equipment’s view tube. The view tube allows the client and the therapist to see the matter. Most people do not even feel the water and movement. Occasionally, some will feel their colon’s peristalsis action which resembles a mild cramping sensation. This rarely lasts but a few seconds. For the most part, people describe the experience as surprisingly pleasant.

Once the Colonic is completed, the client uses the restroom and dresses. After checking out most everyone continues on with their daily routine or plans. Our therapists understand and honor discretion. We listen to your concerns and share our knowledge and experience with you to help you.

Restorative and Therapeutic

Colonics may be both restorative and therapeutic providing a relaxing and effective procedure.  Doctors recommend their patients to Healing Insights for colonics to assist with promoting improved bowel movements for the patient.

The colon is comprised of layers of muscle containing millions of nerve endings.  When the colon’s nerves sense the colon is ‘full’, they promote the muscle to contract and ‘push’ the waste matter along the colon and out of the body.   Impacted matter lining the colon wall is thought to limit the ability for the colon’s nerves to feel full and also impede the colon muscle from pushing.  Removing the waste matter with a colonic may be a big help promoting one’s own bowel to function better.

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