Choosing Where To Have A Colonic?

Deciding where to have a Colonic requires knowledge about the different types of equipment therapists use. We believe Colonics should only be performed on professional equipment that controls both temperature and pressure of water flow into the body and maintains a “closed system” water outflow process. These measures ensure comfort, effectiveness, safety, and hygiene requirements. When researching where to have a Colonic be sure to ask the following questions.

Is the equipment a “gravity flow” or “pressurized” system?

Gravity Flow – Not Our Choice

Gravity flow simply means that the water is held in a bottle or container above the height of the individual during the Colonic. The water flows with the force of gravity pulling it down into the body. This may seem gentle on the body, but in fact the therapist can not alter the strength of the water flow to accommodate the body’s needs.

Gravity flow systems have several limitations and may even be very uncomfortable for the individual as follows:

  • The therapist has no way to monitor the pressure inside the colon.
  • The water flow or pressure can not be changed or slowed down by the therapist to allow for pressure inside the colon.
  • The body often cramps more and pushes (like during an enema) to help push out the water and waste because the pressure can not be changed to help with this process.
  • While attempting to add more water flow into the body, the therapist will “squeeze” the tube carrying the waste out of the body. Since the gravity flow equipment can not measure pressure, the therapist is only guessing at how much water pressure the colon can handle. This can be extremely uncomfortable and is often the greatest concern against gravity flow colonics.
  • With this equipment, there are no safeguards against water “back flow” which means that the water going into or out of the body may “reverse” its direction. This is unsafe and not hygienic.

Pressurized Equipment  – Yes! Our Choice

Pressurized equipment was designed for professional colonic use and is the only choice because:

  • SAFETY and COMFORT are maintained for the individual. The therapist uses a “pressure gauge” to monitor the water flow to ensure it flows at a safe, comfortable and effective pressure.
  • LESS STRESS and FATIGUE are experienced by the individual as the water flow into the body may be controlled to be much slower than the gravity flow system when needed. This prevents sudden stress or full feelings by the individual.
  • MORE WASTE is REMOVED easier and faster as the water flow can be increased so that it will help carry the waste matter out of the body. This greatly reduces sudden urges for the individual to push and is less stressful and fatiguing. Therefore, more effective as the person is able to remove more matter in one session.
  • BACK-FLOW of water is PREVENTED with professional equipment which has built in safety devices to ensure that the water direction does not change with individual pressure changes or outside influences.

Does the water flow through an “open” or “closed” system?

Open System – Not Our Choice

  • “Open” system implies at some time after the water/waste leaves your body it will be exposed to the air, the room, the therapist and you. This is not good hygiene. There might be a hole in the table on which you lie, much like a toilet, where you expel the waste. The table would be difficult to sterilized between clients thus creating more potential for germs to spread. There might be a tube that carries the water/waste out of the body, but it might open up to a receptacle and once again expose you to the toxic waste. Though this might seem better than the previously described open system, there is still exposure of parasites and germs to the room, air and persons.
  • Often with an open system the therapist does not stay in the room and assist with the Colonic

Closed System  – Yes! Our Choice.

Healing Insights uses only professional “closed” system equipment.

  •  “Closed” system is the professional method. Here, the water enters and leaves the body through a disposable tube connected to the colonic equipment on one end and on the other a small plastic speculum is designed to be just the right size to carry waste out of the colon and still small enough that it is comfortable. The tubing is used for only one client and thrown away.
  • This is a NO MESS, NO ODOR, NO FUSS system. A closed system provides the highest quality of hygiene.
  • It is the most comfortable because the water pressure is monitored by the therapist providing her with information when to adjust the pressure in order to maintain client comfort. Again, this is less strain for the colon and the individual.
  • Using a closed system the therapist is able to effectively remove more matter while providing optimal comfort for the client.

Is the tubing disposable?

Disposable Tubing  – Yes!

This is a simple question to answer. Professional equipment uses disposable tubing because it is obviously the way to  maintain the highest quality of hygiene. Non-professional equipment using the same tubing over again is just not acceptable. Healing Insights uses only professional equipment with disposable tubing.

How do you support your clients and their detoxing process? 

Client Support

At Healing Insights we work together with you to help you meet your health goals.

  • Colonic Specialists – During a professional colonic the Colonic Hydrotherapist remains with you and operates the equipment and discussing the detox process with you answering your questions. At Healing Insights we do thousands of Colonics each year!
  • Professional Equipment – FDA approved Pressurized and Closed system.
  • Client Comfort and Dignity – Our room décor and music promotes a calming effect. Our therapy area is separated and closed off from the reception and office area for your privacy. We want to provide the most comfortable space for your needs.
  • Knowledgeable and Experienced Therapists – We are here to answer your questions and provide a professional service.
  • Educational Information – We sponsor Free Presentations & Workshops. We have an assortment of books, reading material, and resources for professional information and assistance.
  • Free Consultations Katie Murphy and therapists are happy to answer questions. You may arrange a phone consult or in person consult.
  • Major Credit Cards Accepted

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you!


For more information or appointments please call our office. 

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