• $135 1 Hour Session
  • $195 5 Hour Session

Beliefs, Emotions, Behavior and Physical Health – Available at Oakdale Clinic Only

  • Emotions are the products of our beliefs.
  • Emotions influence our behavior.
  • Emotions affect our physical health.

We have an experience and what we believe to be real or true about that experience will promote our emotional reaction. Our emotional reaction influences our behavioral choices during and after the experience. Our emotional feelings are stored in our mind and our body. Loving, joyful and positive emotions “feel good” to your body. Angry, sad, hurtful and other negative emotions “don’t feel good” to your body.

When you experience negative emotions and feelings, your body is storing and holding onto negative energy and behavior patterns in a part of the body, i.e. back pain, stiff neck, headaches, sore knees, stomach aches, depression, allergies, fatigue, etc. Negative emotional experiences promote illness in the body.

A chronic illness or symptom is also a repeating memory pattern. For every time we consciously or subconsciously relive a memory, we also relive the corresponding emotions. When depressing, fearful, angry, hurtful, or sad emotions etc., are connected with a memory you are reliving, then you and your body are feeling the pain all over again!

Make Changes for Life

Sometimes we no longer “feel” or “behave” in a manner that works for us or that we consider appropriate for the way we now want to feel or act. When this occurs we have consciously changed our beliefs, but subconsciously our old beliefs, emotions and behavior patterns are still in control. A chronic illness or symptom is also a repeating memory pattern.

Memories buried deep within the subconscious will eventually surface. You may not have a clear, conscious memory, but instead, relive the emotion. Emotional memories or outbursts are not predictable or controllable. They often surface during inopportune times and may create an embarrassing, stressful situation or misunderstandings with loved ones.

A method called Clarity Integration helps people to recognize and release their old beliefs, behavior patterns, negative emotions and energy on all levels spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. After an emotional release, spiritually guided Cranio-sacral movements of the skull stimulate the central nervous system and promote healing easing the body into a more balanced harmonious place.

Session Details:
All sessions by Katie Murphy – 1  hour without cranial for $135.00, 1.5 hour with or without cranial for $195.00


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