Healing Insights would like you to get the most out of your Colonic experience. With that in mind, we offer unlimited use – at no extra charge with a scheduled Colonic session – of our Far Infra-red Ray Topical Warming Unit or “Hothouse” (we call it “The Dome”)

Our clients love these devices! Most come early for their appointment and use them before their Colonic and some use them after. We are sure you will enjoy them too. Below is a brief description of each device. We have more information at Healing Insights and that we would be happy to share with you.

ALSO, all the devices are available for purchase through Healing Insights. Use them in the comfort of your own home.

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Far Infrared Ray Topical Warming Unit – “HotHouse”

Manufactured under a Japan technology patent, The HotHouse has earned popular and professional acclaim in Japan after many years of successful use and is classified as a Class 2 Medical Device in Canada.

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are not seen by the unaided human eye. FIR can gently and delightfully provide a warm comfortable feeling and a sense of well being. The FIR HotHouse produces its unique effect through radiant FIR heat.

The normal human body temperature if 98.6 degrees. Most of our body heat is typically radiated away as far infrared at the 8-10 micron wavelength. That is why a room full of people becomes warm. So, if we generate 8-10 micron far infrared and direct it at a human body, it matches the radiant energy leaving the body and is best for the body overall comfort. The HotHouse uses the same wavelength of 8-10 microns.

The HotHouse is simple to operate, small and portable, with electronically controlled safety features. Healing Insights Electro Reflex Energizer

Our clients report feeling relaxed after only a 15 minute session. To use the HotHouse or “Dome”, simple lie or sit and place it over the body – we suggest the abdomen prior to a Colonic.  A few minutes or more of time and combined with the Chi Machine, you could feel regenerated as if you just had a refreshing nap.


Chi Machine

The Chi Machine is FDA regulated as a Class 1 Medical Device.

The benefits reported are as a therapeutic massager:

  • Temporarily relieves minor muscle aches, pains and tension caused by fatigue or overexertion
  • Temporarily increases local blood circulation
  • Relaxes muscles locally
  • Induces the Alpha wave of relaxation in our brain.
  • Provides a unique feeling, The Chi Rush

The manufacturer reports: The Chi Machine blends the ancient arts with modern technology for a unique therapeutic massage experience. The Chi Machine maximizes the movement of the body which helps to provide prompt temporary relief through increased Oxygen levels. Fatigue or excess physical exertion can generally lead to minor muscular aches, pain and tension. The Chi Machine supports temporary relief from these conditions without creating undue stress to bodily structures or additional muscular overexertion, while improving your circulation and organ function.

The Healing Insights Chi Machine

Because the massage with The Chi Machine is performed while you are reclining and relaxed, with weight removed from the spine, a sense of extreme comfort and pleasure is immediate and noticeable.

The suggested position for using The Chi Machine is to lie flat on your back and place your ankles in the ankle cup holders. The Chi Machine rocks the entire body from side to side in a gentle undulating motion. The suggested amount of time for use is from three (3) minutes to fifteen (15) minutes and may be used several times in one day.






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