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Shaklee products include:

  • Opti-flora  –  Probiotic. 
    Optiflora’s unique capsule transports live beneficial bacteria safely through the acidic conditions of the stomach and delivered live to the intestines.  At Healing Insights we believe the best probiotic is a must for digestive health!
  • Vivix   –    Anti-aging supplement. 
    Vivix ingredients have been shown to impact the four key mechanisms of cellular aging.  The best Resveratrol product in the world!
  • Vitamins and Nutritional supplements.
    Consistent high quality and easy absorption mark the attributes of these supplements.  The “Vitalizer” daily supplement pre-packaged strips are a favorite.
  • Natural Cleaning Products.   
    Shaklee is known for their “all natural” household cleaners.  Our bodies absorb the cleaning products we use so it only makes sense to choose them wisely.
  • Personal Hygiene Products.    
    Skin care, make-up, and hair care products are absorbed by the skin into the body and using the highest quality natural products is important for our health.


And, if you would like to talk with us please give us a call at our Bloomington clinic:
952-886-HEAL(or 4325).

Thank you.

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