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“I was a walking time bomb; high blood pressure, high cholesterol, constipation, headaches, sinus congestion, body aches and fatigue. After 3 months of colonics all my symptoms are gone and I feel great! Thanks Katie!”
“I feel like a new person! No more headaches, fatigue, joint aches.”
“I appreciate all the knowledge and care I receive from every person at Healing Insights.”
“No stone is left unturned if there is a problem or question.”



“I had suffered with constipation for over 5 years. I’ve had 8 colonics and already my colon is responding. It has revitalized one of the most important areas of the body!”
“I like the healing atmosphere.. and cleanliness.”
“I feel like a new person!”



“Lots of information, respectful therapists, very clean environment.”
“They are professional and well informed.”
“I will continue to have Colonics.”
Same person comments on cranialsacral –   “I had a brain tumor removed 9 years ago. Ever since then I’ve had chronic headaches and have felt that my ‘head’ just wasn’t right. I had a cranialSacral done by Katie and I can tell a huge difference in the feel of my head!”

Mary H.


“Katie Murphy has been a wealth of knowledge regarding nutrition and the benefits of using the Colonic treatment.”

Terry D.


“I started one year ago with a toxic liver and high blood pressure and high triglycerides. Colonics have unlocked my metabolism, cleansed my colon, liver and helped me lose 32 lbs naturally. I even became pregnant after years of trying!



“My doctor told me that the condition of my skin indicated the condition and health of my body. Since I started Colonic treatments my skin has recovered from nearly 30 years of seborrhea keratosis.”
“The therapists make the Colonic treatments comfortable both physically and emotionally.”
“Katie Murphy has provided information that will help keep me healthier for the rest of my life.”
“I believe my Colonic treatments are a critical part of keeping my cancer in remission.”



“My feet had terrible fungus. Now they are smooth and healed. I had tried all kinds of medicine and it never helped for long.  I feel more positive and happy.”
“My heart pain and indigestion are gone. I lost 27 lbs.

Karim A.


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